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If we've talked photos -- home / landscape / business, portraits or events, or otherwise -- here are some of my cornerstones .:

.: R-e-s-p-e-c-t, as the great lady sang. As a guest, minimizing my impact is top-of-mind. If you've landmarks, features, people you'd prefer not photographed, consider it done. If I've asked permission to shoot on your property I'll get you back with at least a couple nicely-framed 8x10's and digital copies of images.

.: Screen proofing is on a 23" LCD that automagically re-calibrates every few hours (Go, ColorMunki!). While Munki does a great job, I also cross-check my display every few weeks to an X-Rite card.

.: Display and print is proofed under approx. 5000k light (roughly mid-day sun) with prints to 13" x 19" via a Canon 9K Mark II on Red River Paper's stellar paper. Prints dry at least two days for good outgassing before going under glass. Red River's "Arctic Polar satin" is great for landscapes, architecture, anything craving chewy contrast, greyscale / black + whites. "UltraPro satin" is beautiful for warm skin tones it carries and landscapes that enjoy a variety of greens and reds. If images aren't going to end up under glass where they'd be too bright and glossy from this combo, RRP's "Polar Pearl Metallic" is choice for outdoor images, industrial / architectural, and anything involving water and luminance and most long-exposure night subjects.

.: I like the weight and feel of tangible things in this all-digital age and use nine papers from traditional lab glossies to subdued satin matte and canvas. Technology will never compete with the best parts of what make us such cool monkeys (though having legs that do the "Bionic Man" sound when you jump would be ultra...) but what tech adds to our ability to share creativity is where it's at.

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